Unity Material Property binding and the Lightmapper

Had an interesting one this week with Unity’s lightmapper, and trying to bind parameters to complex shaders. This is one of those problems which makes sense in hindsight, but isn’t clearly documented.

Treat this more like notes / thoughts then a walkthrough. I also won’t be sharing much code here, but will happily answer questions on my socials.

Container Water 06: Leaving ShaderGraph behind

If this is your first exposure to this series of posts about the “Container Water”, you’ll not “heard” me moaning about ShaderGraph. Well, over my travels, I’ve been getting progressively more frustrated at the speed in which ShaderGraph allows me to work.

This post is a slight departure from the rest of the series as I want to record some of my techniques from moving back to HLSL from ShaderGraph, in the hope that others will find it useful until Unity catch up.

Container Water 05: The new Normal

I didn’t want to age any of these posts my making 2020 references, but for an article about creating new normals… I couldn’t help it.

I just wandered through the process of putting together the first iteration of the fluid shader, but I was not happy with how the recalculated surface normals had turned out using ShaderGraph’s “Normal from heightmap” node. Vertex deformation in shaders wasn’t exactly new to me, however I’d not needed to re-compute the surface normals before – previous modifications hadn’t been drastic enough, so time to get my hands dirty-er.