I’m a Senior Technical Artist currently working at Bossa Studios in London. With 10 years of professional experience, I’ve experience ranging from Maya tools writing with Python, through to C# in Unity, optimisation, rendering and shader writing in HLSL.

I graduated with a BA in Computer Animation from the University of Wales, and in 2008 I continued in my studies getting a MA in Animation and Sound Design at Norwich University College of the Arts.

Shortly after graduating, I began freelancing on a title which would become Bossa Studio’s Bafta-award-winning Monstermind, and I’ve remained with the studio since.

The Monstermind team after winning the Bafta for “Best Online-Browser”. I’m at the back on the left without the jacket.

I began working at Bossa as an Animator, but as the first 3D Artist in the studio, I quickly found myself taking more responsibilities then just animation. Over Monstermind and the following project based on BBC’s Merlin, I started to progress into a more technical role, filling gaps where I saw them.

Fast-forward 10 years and I’m now mentoring a small Tech Art Team within the studio, I’ve helped ship 7 titles, including I am Bread, Worlds Adrift, and Surgeon Simulator 2.

I’m now working on I am Fish, and looking to share more of my experience and knowledge as I enter my second decade in the games industry.