Container Water

Bellow is a series of posts documenting the process of creating what I’ve broadly termed “Container Water” for my current project at Bossa, I am Fish. Many of the following pages have been adapted from my talk, “Experiments in pseudo-fluid bottle simulations for Unity”

This project is currently in progress, I’ll revisit certain posts from time to time if I feel their content needs to change or requires clarification.

Container Water 01: Flattening the surface

This is the second post (See the first here) in the my “Container Water” series where I’ll be going step by step (more-or-less) into how I’ve approached the creation of this effect for I am Fish. This post goes into detail about where I started with this effect, and at the time of writing the whole system is…

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Container Water 02: Constraining the water to the bowl

As I found in the last post in this series, just pushing verts down to the water’s surface comes with an immediate issue (as seen above in the featured image).

The verts very quickly fall outside of the original volume, which breaks the effect. Now if it was a sphere, we could mitigate this by not reducing the water…

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Container Water 05: The new Normal

I didn’t want to age any of these posts my making 2020 references, but for an article about creating new normals… I couldn’t help it.

I just wandered through the process of putting together the first iteration of the fluid shader, but I was not happy with how the recalculated surface normals had turned out using ShaderGraph’s “Normal from heightmap”…

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Container Water 06: Leaving ShaderGraph behind

If this is your first exposure to this series of posts about the “Container Water”, you’ll not “heard” me moaning about ShaderGraph. Well, over my travels, I’ve been getting progressively more frustrated at the speed in which ShaderGraph allows me to work.

This post is a slight departure from the rest of the series as I want to record some…

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Playing With Runtime Fluid Simulation

This post details my continuing relationship with runtime fluid sim and compute shaders, and sadly is so far incomplete. However, I want to be less precious about what I post on my blog this year, and embrace “failure” as much as “success”. It’s frustrating to feel like I’m chasing “giants” in the field of computer graphics, and I do need…

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External Forces
Arbitrary Shapes
Breaking the surface [Future work]